60 Years of Global Experience

We have partnered with a globally renowned institute that has been a pioneer in childhood development for over 60 years and whose founders include Nobel prize laureates. Our facility design and curriculum have been developed in close collaboration with the institute’s directors who continue to engage with us to ensure the best outcomes for our children.


Personalized Attention with the Smallest Class Sizes in Dubai

Our class sizes never exceed 10 – 12 students with 3 adults at any given time. Besides the classroom teacher and teaching assistant who are always present in the class, our French, Arabic, Russian, Swimming, Gymnastics and Violin specialists are always rotating through the classes.

All programs are conducted with smaller sub-groups with maximum of 4 students with ample individual attention for each child. Every staff member has been trained to understand the personality characteristics and preferences of each child and cater every program and activity to be ideally suited for him or her.


Extraordinary Learning Outcomes

Our learning philosophy is based on a child’s innate love for learning. Children can be taught absolutely anything as long as it is taught in an honest, loving and joyous environment. Our children, by the age of six, will:

  • Read, write and speak independently in English, French and Arabic
  • Recognize quantities up to 100 and do instant calculations and problem sets
  • Have superior encyclopedic knowledge ranging from science, inventions, countries, cultures, history, animals,      art, and more
  • Recognize and appreciate great art masterpieces, authors and classic poetry
  • Demonstrate superior physical functions like swimming, running, brachiation and gymnastics
  • Play the violin and understand musical compositions
  • Demonstrate enhanced social and civil awareness
  • Be well rounded individuals who are intellectually, physically and socially superb

Bespoke Campus

Our one-of-its-kind campus has focused on creating an environment that is safe, warm, sophisticated and engaging for our young ones. Inspired by the likes of Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Thomas Edison, Rumi to name a few, our facility is the ultimate reflection, an atelier to our underlying mission to nurture intellectual, physical and social excellence in all children.

Every aspect of the campus has been custom designed. The bespoke furniture, subtle nuances of color, innovative outdoor space – everything has been designed to create an environment that is nurturing but also inspires children to discover their true potential and the world around them.

Exceptional Teachers

Our teachers are from all over the world. They have the experience and qualifications but most importantly, they have a sincere love for teaching children. Every member of our staff has gone through extensive training in our enrichment programs, as well as innovative concepts in early years teaching and personal development. Furthermore, every member of our staff is certified in paediatric first aid.

Many of our teachers are mothers. Teachers from our partner schools have been nominated for the Global Teacher Prize and Teaching Medal of Honor for their outstanding methodologies and innovation in education.



Suzuki Violin Teacher

‘When love is deep, much can be accomplished’…Shinichi Suzuki

My love for music and violin started at the age of 4 when my parents encouraged me to start taking Suzuki violin lessons in Cork, Ireland. I have now been a specialized Suzuki violin teacher for 15 years in London, Birmingham and Cork.

I have a Bachelor of Music Degree and a Masters in Music Psychology but I truly believe that there is no end to learning. I continue to perform, practice and study daily. My driving force is my love for knowledge.

I am delighted to be now teaching in Dubai and bringing my passion of music and love of teaching violin to our students at Masterminds Nursery. Their philosophy is exactly what I believe in and I feel lucky to be surrounded by such likeminded people; the teachers, the children and the parents themselves makes the whole program a true drive for success.



Swimming and Physical Program Coach

I have always been a great believer that children should be exposed to the water and a physical environment from a very early age.

What attracted me to the Masterminds philosophy was the fact that children are exposed to many different programs including a very strong swimming and physical program.

I have a wealth of experience in teaching swimming and physical education from babies through to elite athletes. The thing I am looking forward to the most about bringing my skills to Masterminds is seeing the children achieve and reach their full potential.



Classroom Teacher - Edison

Since qualifying nine years ago with a first class honours degree in Education, my passion and love for early years education has multiplied. The realisation that many children don’t reach their full potential in education inspired me to study a Higher Diploma in Psychology in 2014, focusing on the brain development and functions of children. It was after this study that I became drawn to Masterminds; their philosophy, programmes and what they can and will achieve with young learners.

Having grown up in a bilingual environment and having travelled the world for a year I am passionate about immersing children in languages from a very early age and providing them with the gift of being multilingual.

I have left my school in Ireland behind, with nine years of amazing memories, to join the Masterminds team in order to follow my passion. I am an enthusiastic, positive and calm teacher and I look forward to delivering these programmes in order to prove young learners can achieve anything!



Classroom Teacher – Van Gogh

Having qualified from Trinity College, Dublin in 2008 with a first class honors Bachelor of Education degree, I have spent the last 7 years teaching in a primary school. Most of my experience is in the early years department.

I am very excited to work with the Masterminds programs. I love that it nurtures the whole child and aims to help develop a happy, secure and confident learner.

I am an avid reader and it’s wonderful to see that books in English, French and Arabic will surround the children. I am confident that this will ignite in them the same passion for reading that I have.



Language Teacher - Arabic

With over six years of teaching experience, I have taught Arabic, French and English to children of all ages.

I have always loved teaching and my students have constantly inspired me. Helping young children develop their skills and potential has helped me develop my own.

Working with Masterminds is a wonderful opportunity to create a generation full of positive Intellectual, Physical and Social energy. The programs are enriching and fun to teach. The teachers are all from all over the world and in a short span of time we have created a real sense of community and respect for each other. It’s a warm, enthusiastic and caring environment for the children and adults.