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HTM_0_Tania Siddiqi, Director Mastermind


Tania Siddiqi – Co-Founder  Director

Ms. Siddiqi has over 18 years of experience in Management, including as an entrepreneur and educator. She has a Bachelor Degree in Business and has worked with influential blue chip companies. Her first entrepreneurial venture was a healthcare staffing company while living in New York City. 

Inspired by her experience as a business owner and a mother, Ms.Siddiqi launched Athena’s Quilts in Dubai, a socially responsible business established to provide economic empowerment to women and education to children in developing countries. In 2014, her venture supported the education of over 250 children under the age of 12.

Her passion for education and empowerment led her to partner with a US based institute specializing in early childhood development. She has spent several years completing her advanced training in early childhood development and designing enrichment programs that enable all children to achieve intellectual, physical and social e

excellence at Masterminds.

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