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I feel there’s nothing more truly artistic than to love people.

Vincent Van Gogh

“There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots, the other wings”

Mastermind Nursery & Kindergarden combines a mother’s traditional wisdom with 60 years of leading-edge research in child development by Nobel Prize winners to nurture Intellectual, Physical and Social Excellence in children 15 months – 6 years through joyous learning.

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Why Masterminds

  • 60 years of global experience

  • Personalized attention with learning groups of 3 - 6 children

  • Daily English, Arabic and French languages

  • Daily Sports, including Swimming, Gymnastics, Ball Skills

  • Integrated Music & Suzuki Violin lessons

  • Integrated nutritious meals

  • Class teams of 5 - 6 highly trained, specialist teachers

  • Bespoke campus themed after the likes of Van Gogh and Shakespeare

  • Purpose-designed early years facilities: swimming pool, sports field, indoor & outdoor play areas, library, music rooms and gymnasium

  • Awarded Recognized Leader in Childhood Development and International Gamechanger in Education

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Why Masterminds

Our Story

The inspiration for Masterminds was conceived along with our daughter, Athena. Like every parent, we wanted to provide our child with every opportunity in life. This triggered a global quest to find the most pioneering thinking in early childhood development. We finally came across a globally renowned institute that had been a pioneer in early childhood development for over 60 years.


After walking the grounds of their school and seeing these amazing, happy and kind 3, 4, and 5 year olds, all of whom could read, do maths, talk about the great artists of the world, speak three languages, play the violin, do gymnastics and have a love of learning that we had never seen before, we knew that we had found something extraordinary. We took the programs home and started doing them with our daughter and personally witnessed their extraordinary results. We wanted to provide all children with the same opportunity, and this is how Masterminds was born.

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Our Story
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Children would rather learn than do anything else - as long as the process is joyous and operates at the pace of the child. For a young child, learning is the highest and best form of play. They want to learn about everything and anything and they want to learn right now. Children have within them the capacity to learn virtually anything from birth to the age of six.


What they can learn without any conscious effort at age two, three or four years of age can only be learned with great effort, or may not be learned at all, in later life. What they learn at this age remains with them for the rest of their lives and ignites a love for learning that can never be diminished. We simply harness this innate desire through personalized attention and provide opportunities, experiences, and guidance to develop Intellectual, Physical and Social excellence within each child.

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Our Team

Our Team

Our teachers are from all over the world. They have the experience and qualifications but most importantly, they have a sincere love for teaching children. Every member of our staff has gone through extensive training in our curriculum, enrichment programs, as well as innovative concepts in early years teaching. Furthermore, every member of our staff is certified in pediatric first aid.

We follow a process of continuous professional training that distinguishes our educational approach. Our approach reflects the research and thinking of Linda Darling-Hammond at Stanford University, who is one of the world’s leading experts on teacher professional development.

Teachers from our partner schools have been nominated for the Global Teacher Prize and Teaching Medal of Honor for their outstanding methodologies and innovation in education.

Alexandra Guerin

       Rana Nammour

Communication and Operations Coordinator

French Program Teacher

Laetitia Faurel

Leah O’Neil

Pre-K Teacher

Cara Glenn

Nursery Teacher

Nadia Kharrison

Nursery Teacher

Tania Siddiqi


Vikki Richardson

Nursery Teacher

Alexis Draper

Nursery Teacher

Pre-K Teacher

Diane O’Keeffe

Aisling Seery

Kindergarten Teacher

Brianne Reddekopp

French Program Teacher

Language SupportTeacher

Niveen Abu Ghazaleh

Robyn Etherington

Jelena Jocovic

Afaf Radi

Arabic Program Teacher

Gymnastics Coach

Swimming and PE Coach

Arabic Program Teacher

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